GBO Geolistrik


Automatic Multichannel and Singlechannel Resistivity meterfor Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey

This Automatic Earth Resistivity Meter provides excellent and reliable performance in a convenient, robust and fully portable design. Ideally suited for subsoil groundwater prospecting at shallow, medium and great depth, it canalsobeusedforgeologicalstratigraphy,studiesofsaltwater contaminationinfreshwaterlayers,landslidemonitoring,mineral exploration and archaeological research.


  1. Used for resistivity imaging in 1D, 2D and 3D
  2. Groundwater survey
  3. Mineral exploration
  4. Underwater measurement in fresh and salt water
  5. Geotechnical investigation for cavity investigation, stratigraphy, etc
  6. Environmental investigation for soil contamination, sewage leak, etc.


  1. Measurement modes : Apparent resistivity, self potential and induced polarization
  2. Output current : up to 3 A
  3. Voltage : 600 volt
  4. Input impedance : 10 Mohm
  5. Automatic multi-electrodes : Dipole-dipole, Pole-pole, Wenner and Schlumberger
  6. Power supply : DC power supply
  7. Maximum penetration : up to 300 meter
  8. Weight : 3 kg (singlechannel), 10 kg (multichannel)
  9. Dimension : 30x24x21cm (singlechannel), 62x42x34cm (multichannel)


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