GBO Piezometer


Water level indication is measured with a water level meter. Measuring artesian pressures requires a Bourdon Pressure Gauge to be connected to the top of the standpipe. The Standpipe Piezometer is capable of measuring the borehole water level or water pressure at the piezometer tip. The water pressure at the filter tip is derived by measuring the height of the water surface in the riser pipe above the piezometer tip. This is achieved by installing a bentonite seal in between the sand filter zone and the backfill.

Ceramic Casagrande
Porous plastic
Drive in
Length 50 cm 15 cm| 30 cm | 60 cm 15 cm| 30 cm | 60 cm
Overall Diameter 40 mm 25 mm | 32 mm | 48 mm 25 mm | 32 mm | 48 mm
Pore Diameter 1 micron | 60 micron 1 micron | 60 micron 1 micron | 60 micron
Material PVC PVC Stainless Steel
Filter Sintered HDPE Filter Spun Nylon Spun Nylon
Coupling Type Plain - Plain Plain – Threaded | Plain - Plain Plain – Threaded | Plain - Plain

Casagrande piezometers are used to detect, measure and monitor water pressure in permeable soil or rock specifìcally at the installed depth of the
measuring tip. The water level can be read by portable water level meter or automatically with a pressure transducer inserted in the standpipe or connected to the filter to form a closed circuit piezometer.


  • Water level monitoring
  • Permeability measurements
  • Construction control
  • De-watering and drainage operations
  • Slope stability investigations
  • Contaminatated Soil Monitoring
  • Groundwater level for dewatering and drainage

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